How to increase your memory power in a month?

Increasing your memory is an awesome goal these actionable tips will ensure that you reach your goal!

Tip 1 – This one will help you with names:

Focus: This step is often overlooked but very crucial. When we meet someone new and forget their name we might say: “Oh I forgot their name after 2 seconds, I have a bad memory.” In reality, that is not the case! You don’t have a bad memory, you just weren’t paying attention to their name.

If you are like most people, you were thinking about introducing YOURSELF, instead of listening to the name of the person across you. If you want to increase your memory, you need to focus.

Action 1 – Let them go first: Next time you meet someone, let them go first. Hold off the urge to say your name and wait for the other person to say it first. The only thing you should be thinking about is the other person’s name. I guarantee you you will increase your memory for names.

Action 2 – Repeat their name: After they tell you their name, repeat it back to them. Say: “Oh, it’s nice to meet you too Mark”. Keep saying their name when the opportunity presents itself in the conversation (well don’t overdo it.. you don’t want to appear weird). There are two benefits to repeating the name of the other person.

  • First, you clarify any misunderstanding that might occur with the name. In fact, better if you get it wrong… (well not for your ego but for your memory at least. The person across you will repeat their name for you and now you will have heard it again!
  • Second, by repeating as many times possible, you root the name into your memory better. Forging and strengthening your neural connections.
How to remember names better
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Tip 2 – READ READ READ (Diversify what you read). One day read Science, the other day read about fashion, etc

Do you remember how fast you used to learn a class that you loved? I would guess that because you loved it, you paid close attention and accumulated knowledge about the subjects related to this course? Heck, you even might have read about it in your free time.

The more you learned about the topic it became easier for you to acquire new information to add on to it because there is a base to associate new information with.

Your memory works with associations and your brain absolutely loves them. When you are learning about a topic that you have previous knowledge about, you learn it much faster. You build on that knowledge and keep adding new information to it. imagine you’re trying to build a treehouse:

What do you need? A tree, a bunch of wood, and some tools, right? Well, the information you already have is the tree and the new information is the wood you keep adding for your awesome treehouse. If you have a thin small tree, your house wouldn’t be so magnificent would it?

Reading and gaining a large array of knowledge about different topics enables you to have many connections for associations to happen. In other words, you will have a larger tree with more branches to add your information-packed wood pieces.

To increase your memory, read more. Read about different topics. The next time you have to remember something you just learned, you now have a much higher chance of remembering it because you have more branches to build your tree on.

Tip 3 – General Life-Style tips to increase your memory

  1. Sleep more – Sleep is very important for increasing your memory and if you are sleep deprived, you will start to show many signs of cognitive fatigue.
  2. Eat well – In many cases it has been proven that eating healthy food has a huge impact on your memory. Here is a Harvard article on food for brainpower. With that being said, here is my favorite brain food duo: Blueberries and a lot of water!
  3. Workout – When you get the blood flowing you also pump a ton of Oxygen to your brain. Running, in general, is an awesome way to improve your memory power! Here is yet another Harvard article on the effects of exercise on your memory.
  4. Stay away from booze – This one goes without saying but try to keep drinking to the minimum. Maybe a glass of wine a day 😉

I hope these initial tips help you on your journey. If you liked this post, you might also like How to Memorize Faster a quick guide?